How celebrities travel in private

After reading a certain article about Alec Baldwin incident whereby he was kicked out of the American commercial Airline for playing games on his cell phones, I got curious. Do celebrities use commercial airlines? I wouldn’t expect one of the richest and respected actors like Alec Baldwin to use a regular flight. Don’t they all use private business jets or chartered planes? Or do they travel in private and go commercial when they are financially strained or can’t schedule a flight in advance?


After doing some quick research on the internet, I have found that most famous celebrities can’t afford to travel on regular flights like the rest of us do. For some, even the comfort of a first class cabin isn’t enough to define who they are. One of the reasons for this expensive lifestyle is that while most of us consider spending few minutes in airport queues a successful travel trip, these celebrities want to travel not only in private but also in the height of style. It is also all about discretion and flexibility. Here, they choose when to fly and drive up to the aircraft just before take-off.

private jet


Several famous actors, musicians, politicians and entrepreneurs own their own planes and limos which they use to travel to various destinations. In America alone, there are hundreds of well-known celebrities and wealthy businessmen who own private jets. From John Travolta’s fleet of private airplane and limos and Donald Trump’s $100 million private jet and two private runways to Oprah Winfrey newly bought Canadian-made private jet while Sydney Pollack’s Citation X, these individuals enjoy traveling in their expensive flying machines and luxury limos whenever they are on private missions.

Another category of celebrities uses hired services whenever they want to travel in private. They hire private jets and limos to travel from one place to another. Unlike a scheduled flight where passengers rent a single sit and share a single cabin, a charter flight is when the passenger rent an entire aircraft to fly a specific route. Using a chartered plane or a hired private jet, these celebrities also enjoy the same benefits as the one that jet owners enjoy.

However, some celebrities who don’t find any luxury of using private jets or those who have decided that the cost of ownership and hassle of hiring a private jet aren’t worth it opt to travel privately in first class cabins on commercial flights. They enjoy flying with the masses on one aircraft but use a different cabin. They then use prearranged luxury limos to take them to their final destinations. That is why you could be on a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to McCarran International Airport and accidentally run right into Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt as you exit the aircraft lighting area.

So the price of traveling in private using an airplane or limo comes with many benefits. These stars completely get refreshed every two minutes; use phones at their own will and can check email whenever he wants. Some of the fly at lower altitudes than commercial jets, so occupants feel less fatigued when they show up in their final destinations.

Features of the upcoming Toyota Prius Prime

The 2016 New York Auto Show bore witness to one of the grandest launches of this year as the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime was unveiled as a plug-in hybrid model. Speculated to go on sale in all of the 50 states of the USA by fall 2016, this car dazzled the audience with its magnificent exterior and impressive styling elements that adorn its cabin space. This model is based on the same TNGA platform and is ready to take on the challenges in its fourth generation of release. If compared with another popular model Prius PHEV, this vehicle has increased dimensions as it is 2.4 inches longer and wider by 0.6 inches. The increased dimensions combined with lower stance gives it better space for cargo, which is perfect for a family vehicle. Making use of high-strength aluminum and steel, this model has managed to maintain a lightweight body without losing any of its robust qualities.

One of the prime features of the new Prius Prime is its drastically low drag coefficient among other competitive sedans. The automatic grille shutters make way for better aerodynamic capability when the radiator doesn’t need to be cooled down. Inside of the cabin, this car comes equipped with many modernized features like 4.2 inch TFT displays, Qi wireless charging, automatic climate control, heated front seats along with 60/40 rear seats with the ability to fold backwards. For entertainment, you will find JBL’s 10 speaker audio system with a package that includes other features Entune App Suite, which gives you access to iHeartRadio, Yelp, Pandora, etc. Prius Prime also brings a host of safety features that is the best in its class. You can expect to be completely safe as this model has Pre-collision System that detects pedestrians, Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, and the famous Toyota Intelligent Parking Assist as an add-on. You can expect to find every possible feature that is much coveted in modern releases.

prius prime

Under the hood of 2017 Prius Prime, there is a highly fuel efficient 1.8 L Atkinson cycle engine that promises to have fantastic EV range and capability to go as much as 600 miles before you needing to refuel it. This Hybrid Synergy Powertrain has an outstanding thermal efficiency of 40% and is supported by an electric motor running on lithium-ion battery. This engine of four-cylinder offers many advantages apart from greater mileage, which is evident from the quality of exhaust that it releases. This model comes with a new exhaust gas recirculation method consisting of a smaller water pump and an exhaust recirculation system to dramatically increase warm up of the engine. Better warm up leads to improved acceleration rate and the ability for the car to recharge itself upon deceleration. Prius Prime can go an estimated of 22 miles while on EV model, maintaining speeds up to 84 mph. You will be able to charge this car’s battery by using your standard home outlet in close to 5.5 hours. This remarkable feat of shorter charging time is due to the 250-volt charger, which decreases the time to half.

What can we expect from the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 was recently unveiled at the experts are already calling it the car of the future. Destined to push boundaries for automobiles of the future, this car will combine two of the best features that make vehicles the bestseller. This time around, Tesla will be taking a different road and rolled this model out on sale at a highly affordable price with even greater mileage capability. What you will get are impressive exterior visuals, highly comfortable and technology equipped interior design, and a high-powered engine that consumes minimum fuel. This is a supercar that has been upgraded over the Model X and Model S variants and will bring a complete range of unique features to enthrall car enthusiasts worldwide. When it comes to expectations about designs of Tesla Model 3, you can most certainly stay assured that the outer body will bear some resemblance to the Tesla Model X, which is its spiritual predecessor. Cabin space will also be highly advanced to make for entertaining rides, four passengers and driver both.Tesla charge station

Coming to the exterior construction, you will see a clutter free design theme that is backed up by Tesla’s very own modern engineering. Changes include the addition of a new nose; Flush Sonar sensors carried over from the previous Model X and lack of the smaller sized bumps that were present in the S variant. Overall, Tesla Model 3 will look exquisitely beautiful from all angles and is bound to draw many stares. Moving inside, you are likely to find a touchscreen console responsible for handling features like warning lights and speedometer. What this car does differently is that it has eliminated the traditional dashboard configuration by removing it from behind the steering wheel. Passengers will be able to sit comfortably in a leather covered seats, and cabin space will be plenty to accommodate five passengers in its two rows. The single most stylish aspect of this vehicle is perhaps the glass roof that stretches across the entirety of the vehicle, starting from the windscreen and extending all the way to its backside.

Some good driving features include Hands-Off Highway Driving Assist and Lane Change system for the drivers. Other features will be revealed in due time as we are getting closer to the release date. Under the hood of Tesla Model 3, you’ll find an engine that is moderately powerful but possesses a tremendous capability of fast charging. According to numerous reports, this vehicle will have the ability to recharge itself by 80% within just 30 minutes of a charging session, and go as much as 215 miles without needing to be charged. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla company, has made a statement that recharging facility for future past will get even better as the company is working on developing cars that have supercharger level of 7200 rather than the current fixed standard of 3600. Tesla Model 3 is a solid Electric performer as it has recorded to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just six seconds. Reports say that this vehicle will go into production stage in late 2017.